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There are times when I am hit by unbearable loneliness, and there are also days when I feel tamed by the loneliness.

Why does my heart change even though nothing has happened?

My heart is not the kind of thing that can be easily changed, so it always becomes painful.

How do women around the world cope with this?

We asked women who are surviving today what words help them to relax.

The definition of happiness that has been drilled into me since I was little (marriage, kids, having a boyfriend, etc.)

Instead, if you can find your own happiness and learn how to deal with loneliness,

Perhaps the day will come when I can laugh just to myself.

Higuchi Ai


As the culmination of the "Ufufu Project" that started slowly at the end of 2019, Higuchi Ai's long-awaited magazine "Ufufu" will be published!

The second issue's feature is "Does having a child make you stronger or weaker?". The "Ex-boyfriend Karuta" based on a true story, which caused a big stir in the first issue, is also included in an improved version.

Through interviews and essay writing with women from various professions, the book is packed with content that explores together with readers the root cause of the loneliness we all feel and what it means to find happiness in a way that is true to oneself.

In addition, in preparation for the publication of the series, the "Ufufu Project" online salon is launching an editorial department. Please join us.


うふふ vol.03





& 全国の書店にて予約受付中

編集長 ヒグチアイ
発行:ナガオ考務店 発売:星雲社


Ufufu vol.02

~The power to survive and words to take a breather~

{Released at the end of November 2021}


& Now accepting pre-orders at bookstores nationwide

Editor-in-chief: Ai Higuchi Price: 1,100 yen (1,000 yen + 10% tax)
Published by Nagao Koumuten, released by Seiunsha
A4 modified version, full color, 40 pages
ISBN: 978-4-434-29693-2

Ufufu vol.01

~The power to survive and words to take a breather~

On sale at HIGUCHIAI SHOP and bookstores nationwide

*If not available in store, please order at your local bookstore.

Editor in Chief: Ai Higuchi

Published by Akira Publishing / Distributed by Seiunsha

Price: 1,000 yen (plus tax)

ISBN 978-4-434-27969-0

Ufufu vol.00

~The power to survive and words to take a breather~

Free download at HIGUCHIAI SHOP


Together with "Nainai-chan", a snake character born from inside Higuchi's heart,

A place where we introduce and consult on the concerns you send in, and also purify them through studio live performances.

These events are streamed live at irregular intervals.


We're looking for your concerns



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Online salon for the 'Ufufu Project'.

The launch of the "Ufufu Radio" broadcasting section, "Inside Higuchi Ai's Mind" where Higuchi Ai writes down what she's currently thinking, the "Bulletin Board" where the salon's guide, the snake "Uchi-chan," posts updates and useful information, and the "Refuge" where anyone can seek advice on their problems...

This is a place for interaction that we can create together. Please come and join us.

Ufufu salon 2visual.jpg


Ai Higuchi "Ufufu" Project

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