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6/28沖縄公演 メール予約受付決定(海外・国内向け)

海外のお客様からのお問い合わせにお応えして、[未成線上] solo tour final 6/28(金)沖縄公演は、メール予約の受付を開始いたします。海外・国内どちらからでもご予約可能です。




HIGUCHIAI solo tour 2024 [ 未成線上 ]

■6月28日(金) 沖縄 Output

open 18:30 / start 19:00


e+ 前方指定席[発売中]

メール予約 後方自由席[4/27(土)10:00~]



件名:6/28 ヒグチアイ予約







In response to inquiries from overseas customers, we will start accepting e-mail reservations for the [未成線上] solo tour final 6/28 (Friday) Okinawa performance.

Reservations can be made from both overseas and domestic sources.

Please note that the order of admission is e+ (reserved seats in the front) → reservations by e-mail (unreserved seats in the back/order of lineup).


《Performance Information》

HIGUCHIAI solo tour 2024 [ 未成線上 ]

■June 28 (Fri) Okinawa Output

open 18:30 / start 19:00

Advance tickets: 4,000 yen + 1D

e+ Reserved Seats in the Front[on sale]

E-mail reservation Unreserved seats in the back[April 27 (Sat) 10:00~]


《Reservation e-mail information》

Subject: 6/28 Higuchi Ai Reservation

Body: Please specify your name, number of sheets, and phone number🙏


※Please pay 4,000 yen in advance + drink fee at the reception on the day of the event

※Acceptance will end as soon as the specified number is reached


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